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Company formation in Serbia


Company formation in Serbia: The procedure for company incorporation in Serbia is taken in front of the Serbian Business Register Agency.

The fee for company incorporation in Serbia , which is registered with the Business Entities Register pursuant to the Law on the Procedure of Registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, amounts to RSD 4,900 (app. 42 EUR). When an application for registration of a company (general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, and joint-stock company) is filed, the fee amounting to the sum of RSD 1,000 (app. 8.5 EUR) is paid for the registration and publication of a memorandum of association.

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Electronic registration of the establishment of single-member limited liability companies (Ltd) has been enabled in the Serbian Business Registers Agency since 17 October 2018, while the electronic establishment of multi-member limited liability companies has been enabled since 28 June 2019.

Some basic info in relation to the company registration process in Serbia



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What documents are being filed at the register

In this process of registration of a company in Serbia, the relevant company register will require the following documents to be submitted with the application for the company registration:

– Application form (can be downloaded free of charge from the official web page of the SBRA www.apr.gov.rs);
– Foundation Act with certified signatures of the company’s founders (shareholders);
– Proof of identity of the company’s founders (if the founder is a natural person: for Serbian nationals
– photocopy of personal ID card, and for foreign nationals – photocopy of passport; if the founder is a legal entity: original extract from the commercial registry);
– The decision on Appointment of Representatives (if the representatives are not specified in the Foundation Act);
– Bank confirmation of the payment of the contribution in cash if the contribution is payable prior to incorporation, i.e., founders’ agreement on the appraisal of the value of contribution in kind if the contribution is made to the company prior to incorporation;
– Proof of payment of the registration fee; and
– Power of Attorney (if an attorney files the registration).
Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by their translation into Serbian, certified by a certified court interpreter.

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