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Company formation in North Macedonia


Company formation in North Macedonia: The procedure for company incorporation in North Macedonia is conducted electronically, in front of the Central Register of North Macedonia.

The registration of the company can be done through a registration agent, an accountant, or a lawyer.

There is no fee for the registration of the company that is paid towards the government, but the registration agent will be charging in accordance with their tariff or their own fee that might go above the tariff, depending on the complexity of the case. 

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Some basic info in relation to the company registration process in North Macedonia


Contains the company name, legal form, and  the company seat


Any address in North Macedonia. No lease agreement has required the registration

Basic capital

EUR 5.000 basic capital for forming LLC. Can be paid within one year


Domestic or foreign legal or natural persons can form a company in North Macedonia


One or more than one managers of the company that must be natural person over 18 years old

Other info

Stating the bank, the e-mail address, the activity of the company, etc.


What documents are being filed at the company register in North Macedonia

In this process of registration, the relevant company register will require the following documents to be submitted with the application for the company registration:

– Application form (must be filled, digitally signed and submitted by the registration agent)
– Foundation Act and other accompanied with the mandatory statements
– Proof of identity of the company’s founders or company extract if the founder is legal person
– photocopy of personal ID card, and for foreign nationals – photocopy of passport; if the founder is a legal entity: original extract from the commercial registry
– Bank confirmation of the payment of the basic capital, if the basic capital is paid prior to the establishment of the company
– Power of Attorney that authorizes the registration agent.
Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by their translation into Macedonian, certified by a certified court interpreter and than notarized.

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