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Company Formation in Greece


The procedure for company formation in Greece is taken in front of the General Electronic Commercial Registry (Γενικό Εμπορικό Μητρώο, Γ.Ε.ΜΗ., GEMI).

The General Electronic Commercial Registry’s website is the national gazette designated for the purpose of disclosure of commercial information.

All members of the public can access the entry of a company in the Registry free of charge. They may also digitally store on their own electronic device and print or otherwise reproduce any document, information or notice posted on the Registry website for public consultation either by the Registry or by the persons required to do so.

E-YMS is a digital platform in which the interested party establishes the company by himself, without having to visit any public service. 

In Greece, through E-YMS  platform, the private capital companies (IKEs), single-person or multi-person, general-purpose (OE) and multilateral (EU) companies, as well as limited liability companies (LTDs) can be established. 

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Some basic info in relation to the company registration process in Greece


Contains the company name, legal form, and  the company seat


Any address in Greece. No lease agreement has required the registration

Basic capital

EUR 1 basic capital for forming Private Company (IKE)


Domestic or foreign legal or natural persons can form a company in Greece


One or more than one managers of the company that must be natural person over 18 years old

Other info

Stating the bank, the e-mail address, the activity of the company, etc.

Information required for the incorporation articles

a) the full trade name of the private company (IKE);
b) the domicile or an electronic address of the partners;
c) the address of the company seat;
d) the business activity of the company;
e) verification that the company is private;
f) the contributions of the partners by category and their value, as well as the capital of the company;
g) the sum of the company’s parts;
h) the initial number of the parts of each partner and the category of contribution to which the parts correspond;
I) how the company is managed and represented; and
k) the duration of the company.

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