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Business Climate in Croatia




Croatia is a Central European country with a population of 4.437.460 inhabitants living on an area of 56.538 square kilometers. The country’s capital is the city of Zagreb in which around 779.145 inhabitants reside.

Croatia is divided into 428 municipalities and 128 cities. Municipalities usually have more than 10,000 inhabitants.

The national currency in Croatia is the Kuna and around 7.43 Kunas make 1 EUR. 

Some basic economic stats include: 

  • Inflation rate in 2018: 1.5%
  • Direct investments in 2018: 354.08 Milions EUR
  • The growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 3.9%

Index of Economic Freedom Rank: 84

The distinguished Index of Economic Freedom, an annual guide published by The Heritage Foundation, gives Croatia economic freedom score of 62.2 This gives the country an overall worldwide rank of 84 and puts Croatia 39th among 45 countries in the European region. The overall score is approximately equal to the regional average and well above the world average.

World Bank, Doing Business Rank: 51

The World Bank, Doing Business Report ranks Croatia in 51st place for doing business on the world ranking. The country is given a score of 73,6 and a ranking of 114 for starting a business in 2020.

Basel Institute, AML Index Rank: 115

The Basel Institute of Governance ranks Croatia on 115 rankings position. Please note that the highest-ranking position shows that the country is having a higher risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

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